Our licensed estheticians provide eyebrow waxing services to help you achieve a desirable shape with your natural brows.

Brow Touch Up (waxing only) $20

Brow Shaping (includes defining brows with makeup after waxing) $40

Add on the following to your waxing appointment:

Cheeks $10
Chin $10
Lip $5


Microblading and Powder Fill services are manual, semi-permanent makeup procedures in which a disposable manual tool is used to implant pigment just below the surface of the skin.


During a Microblading service, the artist creates crisp hair strokes that resemble natural eyebrow hair.

During a Powder Fill service, the artist deposits pigment in a blended motion in order to shade the area and give the effect of a dense brow shape. 


Our attention to detail ensures that all State Health requirements are met while using our artistic abilities to stay current with the latest brow trends.

Ideal for clients with overplucked eyebrows, brows that have ceased growth, or to fill in sparse areas, the benefits of microblading and powder fills include creating a proper shape that best compliments facial features, eyebrow symmetry, and providing a precise guide for makeup or waxing services.

We recommend touch-up appointments 4-6 weeks after the initial service and with proper aftercare, clients benefit from long-lasting results that can greatly improve their daily routine for between 9 months to 2 years.

We require consultations to ensure that everyone walks out with the brows of their dreams.


Microblading or Powder Fill Full Set $450

Microblading or Powder Fill Touch Up (no later than 6 weeks after initial procedure) – Included


Combo Brow Full Set $500

Combo Brow Touch Up (no later than 6 weeks after initial procedure) – Included


All Semi-Permanent Brow Touch Ups (6+ weeks after the initial procedure) – $200

Please schedule your Microblading or Powder Brow consultation appointment by calling our studio at 716.632.7700.

Q & A

What should I expect from Microblading and/or Powder Fill consultation?
We require an in-depth consultation during which the shape and color preference for the individual’s brows is discussed. Each client’s face has a unique bone structure and contour that will play a significant role in their look and shape.

How Long Is The Healing Process?
The healing process varies for everyone. Two weeks is the recommended minimum amount of time to allow your brows to heal. With proper aftercare, the initial result can be visible after 4-6 weeks. The touch-up must be done between 4-6 weeks for optimal outcome.

What should I expect from the Microblading and/or Powder Fill appointment?
The artist will map the client’s brow placement before the procedure to ensure symmetry and the client’s personal preference. A topical numbing cream is applied to the skin prior to the procedure in order to aid in client comfort.  Please allow up to 3.5 hours for the procedure to be completed.


Please follow this list of guidelines prior to your scheduled appointment:

  • No blood thinners, including aspirin, ibuprofen, niacin, vitamin E, or fish oil 24 hrs before (Tylenol and acetaminophens if needed)
  • No working out on day of appointment
  • No coffee or caffeinated drinks before your appointment
  • No alcohol the night before or on day of appointment
  • No waxing, tweezing, electrolysis, or tinting 1 week prior to appointment
  • No UV bed or outdoor tanning 1 week prior to appointment
  • No Botox on or around treatment area 3 weeks prior to appointment
  • No skin peels, microdermabrasion, or laser treatment 2-4 weeks prior to appointment
  • No Retinol, vitamin A or AHA products 1 month before appointment

I was blessed enough to stumble across ILashNY years ago. The best studio in Western New York. Amazing talent, very well trained and super conscious about the clients likes and dislikes when it comes to final product. I don’t know what I would do without Gabe, Jess, Meg and the rest of the crew. Fortunate enough to now call them all my friends. Don’t walk, RUN to iLashNY you won’t regret it.


Gabe has been a friend for years. To see what she has done in her career is nothing short of fabulous! She is well trained and the results for lashes and waxing I can speak on are #flawless ! If you haven’t had the experience of IlashNY, I suggest you call.